• Chassis: The NHRA Pro-Stock chassis must be recertified yearly by NHRA and have serialized sticker affixed to roll cage before participation. A panel of aluminum, steel, or carbon fiber must be installed on the inside portion of the roll cage anywhere the driver’s legs can come into contact with the cage. The cars have a 105-inch wheelbase.
  • Body: Gray Motorsports races 2017 Chevrolet Camaro NHRA-accepted composite bodies. The body is constructed of carbon fiber and kevlar, with functional doors operable from the inside and the outside. 
  • Engines:  The NHRA Pro-Stock engine is an internal-combustion, reciprocating, naturally aspirated, single camshaft, 90-degree V-8 automotive-type engine. It has a maximum 500 cubic inch displacement.  The engines make more than 700 ft-lbs of torque and above 1400 horsepower.  The system is controlled by a Holley Electronic Fuel Injection system with one forward facing throttle body.  The air enters the engine from the front grille area of the car, passing thru a duct system developed by K&N Air Filters.
  • Driveline:  The NHRA Pro-Stock vehicle is a rear wheel drive vehicle. The torque and power is transferred to the rear wheels by aftermarket planetary or clutchless transmissions with a maximum of five forward speeds and reverse. Each individual shift must be a function of the driver and controlled manually. The clutch has a maximum of 3 discs, with a minimum disc diameter of 6 inches. The clutch pedal release must be manually operated by the driver's foot. 
  • Tires and Wheels: NHRA Pro-Stock racecars use Goodyear tires. The maximum height of the front tire is 25 inches. The rear wheels must measure 16x16 inches; incorporate a beadlock design, with an inner bead a minimum of 14 3/4 inches.
About The Drivers

Tanner Gray

TANNER GRAY is a third-generation drag racer. In 2017, he captured 5 national event wins in the Gray Motorsports Pro Stock Chevrolet Camaro.  He became the youngest driver (at 17 years old) to ever win an NHRA national event by collecting the Las Vegas Nationals in...

Shane Gray

SHANE GRAY finished third in NHRA’s Division 4 Competition Eliminator standings in 2009. The following year, he dove headfirst into NHRA Pro Stock competition. In his debut season, Gray qualified for all 23 events on the tour and ended the year with a win at the Auto...

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